** Hello plant friends, after 15 months I am able to lift my self-imposed quarantine on sales of spiral aloes; the Eriophyid Spider mites and Springtails have been eliminated. I have approximately 250 1 gal plants to offer. The other good news is that I have been able to increase seed germination to about 30%, with increased seedling establishment, ensuring a much better supply of this remarkable species. I will be able to ship plants on these dates in the 4th quarter 2019- 10-21, 11-4, 11-11, 11-18, 11-25, 12-2, 12-9, and 12-16.**

Aloe polyphylla Plants

Aloe polyphylla Plants
We have been providing Aloe polyphylla (common name Spiral Aloe) to home owners, succulent enthusiasts and professional landscapers since 1992. We offer Aloe polyphylla in two sizes; a 1 gal size Aloe polyphylla (35-45 leaf count) and a 5 gal size Aloe polyphylla (60-75 leaf count).

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Aloe polyphylla seed - Packets of 25

Aloe polyphylla seed (25 count)


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Aloe polyphylla 5 gallon size

5 gal size Aloe polyphylla (60-75 leaf count)


Aloe polyphylla 1 gallon size

1 (one) gal size Aloe polyphylla (35-45 leaf count)


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