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4’ Plant Advisory - December 2021

Your new plant was grown from seed and is 8-10 months old. I have dusted it with powdered sulfur to protect from pathogens during shipping. Wash away the sulfur and sawdust, and water it. Your plant wants to be in a larger container SOON. If you wish to witness the most rapid growth, choose a 5-gal volume container, over-potting is the rule for this species. A larger container offers the roots ample opportunity to develop. It should grow into a 45-leaf plant in two years. Only at this stage does a visual spiral become evident. Many people don’t recognize it until the 65-leaf stage. There are 5 rows of leaves. Count those in one spiral row and multiply x5 to arrive at the total leaf count, the best parameter to use in assessing your plants’ health, resistance to environmental extremes, pathogens, and progress toward an adult plant 150+ leaf. I place a 4” plant in a 25” diameter tub (half barrel) to grow a 150+ leaf adult plant in about 7 years.


Avoid the use of peat and coir soil products. There may be some peat in the potting soil you choose. This small amount is OK. The term ROCK means any mixture of the following: pumice, #3 perlite, and 5/16” red lava. Install your plant on a mound so the lowermost leaf of the future plant will project above the lip of the container. I top dress plants with ¾” red lava. It seems beneficial but can’t explain why. Do NOT install into a landscape until your plant reaches the 75-leaf count.

These 4” plants were watered weekly during the Summer months. The Fall/Winter water interval can be lengthened to two weeks. A large container also enables you to lengthen the water interval. The use of fungicides potassium phosphonate and Subdue Maxx will deter the pathogens Phytophthora and Fusarium. Permitting the soil to dry out between water applications will help to manage the pathogen threat. Shelter your plant from the Winter rains until it reaches the 45-leaf stage. This is precautionary. Winter sun exposure and summer p.m. shade are standard rules to obey.

This species is NOT A HOUSEPLANT. Indoor light intensity and quality create a plant which will disappoint you; an open rosette with longer and wider leaf curled flat. This can occur is as little as two weeks. If kept indoors during the Winter I ask customers to provide a 100w Gro-Light with a timer set to give a 12hr photoperiod/day coinciding with the natural light the plant will receive. Failure to do this voids my warranty. A 6” fan is helpful . The remedy for a deformed plant requires you to re-grow the entire leaf count. This can take two years for a 35-leaf plant.

I ask each customer to immediately unpack the plants, rinse and take photos. Send the pics via email to .  These instructions broadly guide the handling for a 1 gal 35-45 leaf plant.

Alan C Beverly

Shipping Policy

All plants are shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays only to ensure delivery by the end of that business week.

Terms of Purchase

When you make a purchase on our website you agree to make the necessary arrangements in order to take proper delivery of your order.  You also agree that if after delivery your shipment is left out in excessive heat or cold the plant warranty may be voided. All plants we send out are thoroughly inspected and have a state of health enabling them to withstand shipment and perform satisfactorily for any new owner who follows the handling instructions. We will replace any plant that dies within 30 days of receipt. Customer is required to provide a photo with an email to advise. Customer agrees that minor cosmetic features on a plant have nothing to do with the plants’ future performance and alone do not constitute grounds for rejecting the plant. Brown tips and small leaf spots do not threaten the plants’ future and under new owner many new leaf will emerge in the next year. In fact it is rare to have a plant with > 35 leaf not show some brown leaf tips.

Plant Warranty Statement

All plants are warrantied to arrive and remain healthy for 30 days from date of purchase.  If for some reason you feel your plant is not healthy please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your order number
  • Your phone number
  • Description of the issue
  • 1-2 photos of the plant(s) in question

We will then contact you within 1 business days to resolve your issue.