Arboriculture & Consulting Services

pu 2005 01Trees are important members of the community, making great contributions to the liveability of the urban environment. Their health and preservation require a continuous and long term commitment by both home owners and municipal arborists. As a member and certified arborist #3644 of ISA International Society of Arboriculture I am trained to recognize, prevent, and remedy problems unknown to most other landscape contractors.


  • Site consultation to improve management strategy, aesthetics and cost reduction.
  • Training of crews how to prune correctly any species of woody tree or shrub.
  • Application of bio-dynamic liquid amendment-Essential.
  • Diagnosis of diseases and pests.
  • Evaluation of irrigation system function and water auditing.
  • Writing a management plan for any landscape maintenance crew to follow.
  • Evaluation of individual tree health, safety and written recommendations.

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