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Order Aloe Polyphylla

1 gal plants will be available Spring 2015

Winter, 2014
Dear Friends of Horticulture:

I now have the 5, & 15 gallon sized Aloes as well as the seeds ready to ship!

I have some adult size tubs available, but these are for delivery in the SF Bay area only. Thank you all for your interest and I hope you can wait for seedling grown plants, as opposed to tissue cultured clones from other growers.

Dear Plant Friends: The size of a container which grows a plant does directly affect its size, but with spiral aloes it is the leaf count which matters to most observers, since the number of leaf units determine recognition of the spiral pattern geometry. I have for several years now used the following criteria to grade plants:

65-75 leaf - 5 gal container - grows to 90-110 leaf in ~2 years
90-110 leaf - 15gal container - grows to adult size plant in ~3 years
125-175 leaf - adult tub - maximum size 36" diameter, 18" high

Aloe polyphylla Warranty Replacement and Handling Policy

We ship every Monday.

Thank you for your interest and purchase of one of the world's most beautiful and interesting endangered plant species. I have made progress protecting my plants against the fungal pathogen Fusarium by sanitation and bacterial inoculates. Your plant arrives dipped in Actinovate SP and with a soil sample inoculated with Actinovate Iron. Use this soil to install your plant in either the landscape or a container. Use only pathogen free soil such as Supersoil.

I will replace your plant if it dies by Fusarium within 30 days of receipt and if you send me a photo of the carcass to confirm this. The shipping and handling fee will still apply and I will request this before sending replacement plants.

I have expanded the Care and Cultivation guide to v 5.0, which I request you download from the website and read before planting.

Plants are shipped on Mondays only via UPS, to arrive by Thursday pm. Locations East of Denver must be shipped UPS 3-day service. I will not be responsible for death of plants kept inside the box for longer than 4 days. Upon receipt of the box, remove the plant(s) from the box immediately, but there is no immediate hurry to install them into soil. They may sit inside the plastic container for weeks without harm. Some water, air circulation and light are all important at this time.

Aloe polyphylla 5 gallon size (shipping included)

5 gal size Aloe polyphylla, very mature plants at 60-75 leaf. I'll ship one per box only. The price shown includes plant+tax(CA only)+S&H for all orders.
Plant # CA (w/tax) PST (Ground) MST (Ground) CST (3 Day) EST (3 Day)
1 Plant $128.75 -
$130.00 -
$140.00 -
$165.00 -
$180 -
5 Gallon Aloe

Aloe polyphylla 15 gallon size (shipping included)
15 gal size Aloe polyphylla, with 90-110 leaf count. I'll ship one per box only. The price shown includes plant+tax(CA only)+S&H for all orders.
Plant # CA (w/tax) PST (Ground) MST (Ground) CST (3 Day) EST (3 Day)
1 Plant $257.56 -
$250.00 -
$300.00 -
$350.00 -
$375.00 -
15 inch Aloe

Aloe polyphylla
Tub size container Aloe polyphylla is about 26" across and grows an adult plant.
pick up at nursery only